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ROCK U Workplace Perk Program!

Looking to liven up your employees’ work week at the office? Ready to incentivize your staff while creating a stronger team?

ROCK U will come to your office with the instruments and in tow and the experience needed to provide your employees with the benefit of music education…at work!


We'll come to your office on a weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule to provide:

  • INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION in 1/2 hour or hour-long sessions. Lessons are available in any of our provided instruments (guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, fiddle or ukulele) affording your employees the opportunity to explore different instruments to find the right fit.

  • TEAM-BUILDING CLASSES in the form of group ukulele classes, songwriting workshops, and guidance in the creation of a rock or blues band.

  • The means and the experience to teach the language of music, encourage creativity, inspire cooperation, and boost confidence.



  • We let your employees choose the instrument they would like to learn and the 30 minute time-slot for lessons that best fit their schedule.

  • We provide all necessary instruments, equipment and lesson plans, and take care of the set-up and take-down.

  • We cater our individual lessons to the skill level and interests of each student.

  • We implement cooperative techniques in group lessons, fostering collaboration and listening skills, and providing your employees with a new and creative way to interact and connect.

  • We help you to prioritize your employees' morale and work performance by providing the invaluable benefit of music education!

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